To request a quote by email:

1) Choose your frame size and number of frames (each frame is 17.25" wide, all insertable panels are 15" wide). The total width of your divider is determined by how many frames are used, plus approximately one half inch space between frames. Remember that frames must be arranged at angles (or attached to a wall) to stand safely.

There are four standard frame models to choose from:

- 49" without legs

- 60" with legs

- 60" without legs                                

- 72"  without legs          

2) Choose the number of frames you need for your space

Our frames are built to last (from sustainable poplar).

3) Choose your frame finish

Frames may be painted or stained. Standard frame colors are black, red, or white. Other finishes are available by request. 

4) Choose your panels

Choose from the panels pictured in the photo gallery on this site and include the name or the number (visible in the "thumbnail" mode) in your quote request. Your own paper, prints or fabric may be used as well - just email the details to to arrange a custom order.

5) Add shelves and accessories

Standard shelf sizes are: 

Rectangular- 17.5" x 35" and 17.5" x 48"

Pie shape- 17.5"  Other sizes available by request.

Tell us what you would like for your space. We will send you a quote and photos (if your choices are in stock).    

Conversion kits are available - these simple kits allow you to use your frames with solid OR fabric panels, giving you even more ways to change your divider anytime.

Wall mounting kits let you transform your free-standing divider into a sturdy room partition that folds up against the wall when not in use. The wall-mounting bar can be finished to match your divider, or left unfinished so you can paint it to match your walls.