Dividing a Bedroom

In these photos, a divider was used to create separate spaces in a shared bedroom. The divider was attached to the wall with a wall-mount bar. The wall-mount bar is a vertical strip of wood that comes with pre-drilled holes, hardware and hinges to attach it to the divider. When the divider is not needed, it folds up to the wall. It is pulled out to the open position to divide the room. The divider can be detached from the wall by removing the hinge pins. The wall-mount bar may be finished to match the wall or the divider.


             <wall-mount bar   

This divider holds magnets on one side (small magnets are visible in photo above left). The other side is dry-erase board. 


Separating Two Rooms

The owner of this coffee shop was looking for an attractive way to separate a meeting room from the main area without using a large, heavy door. This divider folds open and is attached to the door frame with a wall mount bar. The 72" frames, bars and wall mount bar were stained to match the existing woodwork.  The large panels shown are dry-erase on one side and "Light Leaves" pattern on the other side. The small panels are cork on one side and "Light Leaves" on the other. All panels may be easily rearranged or replaced.

Below: the wall mount bar is attached to the door frame


 The other side                             Detail of the wall mount bar