Create instant ambience with your own designs. 

Get storage space in minutes - no tools needed!

Redefining your living or working space has never been easier. With the patented Design-Divide Modular System, you can create structures with new looks or functions as often as you like. The interchangeable pieces offer endless possibilities for instant decor change.

To get started, decide which frame sizes best fit your needs. You can create a room divider to define spaces in your city loft, camouflage things like laundry or exercise equipment, or redirect the flow of traffic through your home or office. You can easily add shelves to the same frames to make an endless variety of sturdy, freestanding structures. All of the pieces fit together quickly - no frustrating hours of construction.

Once you have chosen your frames, browse through our selection of changeable panels and shelving. You can choose from white boards for the office or kitchen to colorful patterns that will revive any room in minutes.

Get a new look anytime

You can completely change the look or function of your divider anytime - just remove the panels and replace them with panels of another design or material. If your frame model includes removable crossbars, you can place the bars wherever you like. The panels are reversible, removable and interchangeable, so you can experiment with different combinations of colors and styles. It's easy to create many different looks using the same frames. Check the Photo Galleries for examples, then email us with your choices and request a price quote. We can also make custom panels from your favorite materials (wood veneers, fabrics, papers, matted prints, etc.). Contact  for details on custom panels, shelves or finishes.