About the Design-Divide System

Room dividers provide instant solutions to many decorating problems. You can use dividers to create new spaces, add color, display artwork, prints or photos, hide eyesores, and block sunlight. Until now, it hasn't been easy to find one that fits your style and your space.

Most closet shelving systems require hours of work, power tools, and you have to put holes in your walls! That's not always an option if you live in a dorm or apartment. The patented Design-Divide System is the fastest and easiest way to set up sturdy, freestanding furniture. You can take your structure down again in seconds, to store away or reconfigure to make another useful piece of furniture. 

This is a fun, easy and versatile system that not only allows you to design your own furniture, it also makes it easy to change the look or function whenever you like.    

You compose your structures using several versatile components:

- Connectable frames

- Removable and replaceable bars

- Reversible, removable and interchangeable panels

- Removable shelves to build your own designs - desks, tables, closets, etc. 

- Removable "friction fit" vertical spacers

Define your style with cool modern designs or elegant traditional prints. Use translucent acrylic panels to soften light. Design your own workspace or message center by combining dry-erase, pegboard, cork, magnet-holding or chalkboard panels. Post instructions, menus, photos, etc. You can view and organize your projects, display artwork, or hang small items where you can find them. Make a retail display, shelving unit or desk in seconds.

The 49" and 60" models are easy to transport, so you can take your home office or display anywhere.  

A simple conversion kit allows you to use the same frames with fabric or solid panels. You choose the panels you like, then change them anytime.  It's easy to create many different looks using the same set of frames.  

If you make a room divider, you can add a wall-mount bar to attach the divider to the wall (this is especially helpful if children will be using the space).

So...  if you are thinking about buying "flat pack" furniture, why not get the easiest to assemble and have fun designing your own? Go to the Product Photo Galleries to see what's currently available, or email design-divide@gmail.com to request other types of panels, shelves or finishes.  



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